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Rustam Minnikhanov: Everyone should keep in mind the date of war outbreak

“The day of Great Patriotic War outbreak is a sorrowful date for all citizens of Tatarstan and we should keep it in mind”, - RT President Rustam Minnikhanov stated at a meeting with veterans of Great Patriotic War and labor before watching a film «Burnt by the sun 2: Citadel». RF Union cinemakers chairman Nikita Mikhalkov presented the film to veterans.

Before the beginning of film show Rustam Minnikhanov addressed veterans of Great Patriotic War. He noted that in republic every family has memories about the war. “Everyone should keep in mind this date. 700 000 people went to war from Tatarstan. Half of them did not come back. Every family has memories about the war. Such meetings let us keep the tragedy in mind”, - R. Minnikhanov said.

Rustam Minnikhanov thanked Nikita Mikhalkov for arriving in Kazan and decision to show the film on June, 22.

Nikita Mikhalkov stated that the day of Great Patriotic War outbreak is a memorable date for the whole country. “I know a lot about heroism of Tatar soldiers and today, at the memorial in Victory Park we saw how many compatriots are awarded with a title of hero of the Soviet Union”, - N. Mikhalkov said.

By words of film director, Kazan is a native city for him. “My Motherland is any place where I hear people speaking my native language. Here I also do not feel myself a stranger here, and even a guest. I think Kazan is one of many wonderful cities in our country because Orthodox culture and Islam naturally combined here. Operating, not decorative churches and mosques stand close to each other. From this point of view I consider Tatarstan to be a very important partner for the country”, - Nikita Mikhalkov announced. He also added that he was glad to meet with Tatarstan President. “I always enjoy communicating with Rustam Minnikhanov. We have known each other for a long time and I believe he is a doer and a keeper”, - RF Union cinemakers chairman said.

RT President press service, June 23, 2011.


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