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Search help

Context search is carried out in one of the four areas which are selected by a user:

The first area of search “on the server” (default) includes Official web-site of the Republic of Tatarstan ( and the server of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan (
After the first results of search are displayed, additional specifications of the search area can be set (like filters) in order to make the target search of the context given on the separate sections of Official web-site of RT (for example,”news”,”who is who” etc.).

The second area of search “ domain” covers all sites, located in domain area from the Republic of Tatarstan Government Portal to web-sites of ministries, institutions, and thematic projects.

The third search area “RT servers” is comprised of sites of the Republic of Tatarstan that are indexed by the Yandex search system. The result is displayed in common Yandex format.

The fourth area “Google” includes an ordinary search in the Internet via the Google search engine. The result is displayed in Google format.

The length of input context has a 40-symbol limit.