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Fine Art

Fine arts of Tatarstan are featured by originality and diversity. World-famous painters such as I.Shishkin, N.Feshin, B.Urmanche lived and created their works on this land.

I.Shishkin. "At hay time in the oak-wood". 1873.
By the end of the XIX century Kazan had all preconditions to become a large center of art in Russia. At that time professional artists, including young Petersburg Art Academy graduates N.N.Belkovich, H.N.Skornyakov, I.Tissen, worked in the city. Private collections were enriched with the works of art. In April 1895, Kazan Scientific and Industrial museum was opened. It boasted a splendid picture gallery comprising works of Russian, Italian, French, Flemish, Dutch artists.

N.Feshin. "Portrait of daughter Iya". 1917.
Further progress of all kinds of art, especially painting and graphic art, is connected with the history of Kazan Art school opened in 1985 on the initiative of Art Academy, which paid special attention to Kazan as the main educative center of the whole East of Russia. Names of such famous artists as N.Feshin, P.Benkov, D.Bourluk, P.Radimov are connected with this school.

A number of painters and graphic artists - B.Urmanche, Sh.Moukhametzhanov, F.Tagirov, K.Chebotarev, A.Platunova, R.Nourmoukhametov began their creative activity in the first quarter of the XX century.

The Union of Artists of Tataria was created in 1936. H.Yakoupov, L.Fattakhov, E.Zuev brought various traditions of realistic art into painting, depicting modern life of people, bright chapters of history. In 1950-60s, landscape became one of the leading genres. K.Maksimov, N.Kouznetsov, A.Prokopiev, M.Usmanov and A.Toumashev were talented interpreters of magnificent nature, following traditions of Russian realistic landscape.

I.Zaripov. "The Bunch"
Painters of 1970-80s (A.Abzgildin, V.Feodorov, Sh.Shaidoullin, I.Zaripov) were inspired by people's history, characters of Tatar folklore, their own impressions. Representatives of young generation, who appeared in Tatarstan's art in 1990s (A.Ilyasova, R.Zagidoullin, R.Salyakhov), suggest an original view on national theme. Works of A.Khisamov and V.Akimov are distinguished by high professionalism and realistic traditionalism.

B.Urmanche. "Near the eliminator". 1929.
The art of sculpture is also well developed in Tatarstan. The first sculptor with professional academic education - P.Dzubanov - appeared in Kazan in 1904. By the end of 1908, 19 people studied at the Sculpture department of the Art school.

B.Urmanche, S.Akhun, A.Abdrashitov are considered to be sculptors-classics of the republic.

New prospects for many young artists will appear with the opening of the first republican institution of higher artistic education - a branch of Moscow Surikov State Art Institute.