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Universiade-2013 venues will be Kazan’s attractions

A year ago, the President of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), George Killian, announced that Kazan would host the 27th World Summer Universiade 2013. According to the FISU rules the games will be comprised of 13 compulsory and 12 additional sports involving 62 sport sites and the Universiade village with a capacity to accommodate eleven thousand sportsmen and delegation members as well as the city infrastructure. Newspaper Vremya I dengi asked the RT Minister of Youth Affairs, Sport and Tourism, Marat Bariev, to tell what was done over this year:

- Marat Mansurovich, how do you assess the preparedness of the Universiade venues?

- In my opinion, it is in line with what was planned. We determined financial sources and mechanisms, a number of venues are being built and some have already been commissioned. We can say that logistical issues are resolved.

- Marat Mansurovich, what sites shall we have to abandon because of the crisis?

I hope it is not going to take place. Neither here nor in Moscow this issues is put that way. As of now, we are working on all 36 planned sites. To reject at least of them means to reject the Universiade programme, and none of us would do that.

-To what extent the Universiade venues will be asked for after the Universiade? Is it possible that there will be no visitors?

All the constructions are state-of-the art and will be in demand. I am more concerned about people who will work there – coaches, staff. We already tackle the human resources issue. In the long run it means jobs for hundreds of people…

I would like to say that several venues have to become the city architectural pride. These are the new stadium for 45 thousand seats and the Palace of water sports and the canal for rowing with the recreation zone at Lake Kaban.

We’ve managed to do almost everything we planned for this period: we resolved financial issues and compiled the list of venues including the Universiade village. Of the greatest importance is that the impetus was given to the development of mass sport in the republic. Thanks to it this year was proclaimed the Year of Sport and Healthy Lifestyle.

Vremya i dengi, June 3, 2009.