Enterprises and Products Manufactured

Industry: Other Industries
Head: General Director Dyachkov Victor Vasilyevich
Address: Russia, 420029, Kazan, Sibirsky Trakt, 34
Phone: +7 (843) 2795823
Fax: +7 (843) 2735535, 2723952

  • Producion management automation of MRP-II and ERP international standards
  • Financial-accounting computer systems for enterprises and organizations
  • Information protection
  • Up to date trade technologies on the basis of cash terminals, line codes and plastic payment cards
  • Global, corporative, local telecommunication systems and struccturized communication networks, including those of ISDN standard
  • Specialized automation devices complexes
  • Production of servers and personal computers
  • Hardware and software of the world largest producers (FUJITSU, ICL, MICROSOFT, etc.) delivery
  • Education of MRP II and ERP international management standards