Enterprises and Products Manufactured

FSC "State Scientific-Research Institute of Chemical Products
Industry: Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
Address: Russia, The Republic of Tatarstan, 420033, Kazan, Svetlaya st., 1
Phone: +7 (843) 5540721
Fax: +7 (843) 5541272

  • Creating propellants and charges for civil and service weapons, construction and installation of cartridges and ammunition for weapons of special purpose
  • Creating cellulose powder materials, including microcrystalline cellulose, cellulose spherical sorbents, membranes, filters, and their production technology
  • development of consumer goods on the basis of cellulose (varnishes, paints, adhesive compositions, Gasket and packing products, etc.)
  • Manufacturing fireworks
  • Research work in the field of ammunition and special chemistry