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Emergency and Information Services in Kazan

Name of ServicePhone
Fire emergency01
Medical emergency 03
Information on drugs availability in pharmacies003
Gas emergency04
Ordering of international and distant phone calls811
International calls ordering (subscribers of ATS-55, ATS-37, ATS-32 only) 078
International calls ordering (all other subscribers) 8191
Information service of Kazan city phone network09
Airline traffic information service2926708, 2728038
Taxi057, 082, 775-775, 95-15-95, 64-44-00,170-170, 15-30-30
Reception of telegrams from corporate persons 2363692
Address information bureau (for official enquiries) 5420095
Coach station information2930400
Railroad station information 2312300,2929534
River port information 2934063
"Supermarket" service (information on goods availability in the shops) 5553333