Foreign Trade

Republic of Tatarstan Territorial authority of the Federal state statistics service data shows that in 2009 foreign trade balance of the Republic of Tatarstan decreased by 37% as compared with 2008 and amounted to USD 13.4 billion. Trade balance amounted to about USD 10 billion, with over 87% of the RT foreign trade balance accounting for export contracts. On top of that, share of services in foreign economic activity amounted to USD 130 million.

Total amount of foreign trade in 2009 was distributed in a following manner: distant countries - about USD 11.4 billion (61.7%, as compared with 2008), CIS countries - about USD 2 billion (70.7%).

The leader among contributors into the Republic of Tatarstan foreign trade balance is Italy - about USD 1.7 billion. Top three also includes Turkey (USD 1.5 billion) and Poland (USD 1.3 billion) (for more details see RT foreign trade balance 2008-2009 by countries).

Oil and petrochemicals are traditional leaders in the export accounts of the Republic: share of their exports in 2009 accounted for about 80% by value (for more details, see export structure).

The amount of goods imported into the Republic of Tatarstan in 2009 was about USD 1.7 billion (41.7% down from 2008), including about USD 1.4 billion imported from non-CIS countries.

The largest share of import traditionally occupied by machines, equipment, devices, transportation means - which accounted for about 75.1% of all imports (by value).

Traditionally imported goods also include ferrous metals and pipes thereof, plastics, organic chemical compounds, essential oils, raw materials for fragrance industry.

In 2008 Tatarstan trade balance with other regions of the Russian Federation RUR 260 billion (data of RT Ministry of trade and industry).