Tatarstan is one of the most economically developed Russian regions. The republic is located in the centre of the largest industrial region of the Russian Federation, at the intersection of the most important highways, connecting East and West, North and South of the country.

The Republic of Tatarstan boasts wealthy natural resources, powerful and diversified industry, high intellectual potential and qualified labour.

The fuel and petrochemical industries determine the republic's profile (production of crude oil, synthetic rubber, tires, polyethylene and a wide range of petroleum products); there are large engineering enterprises that produce helicopters, aircrafts and engines for them, heavy trucks and small cars, compressors and oil-gas pumping equipment; hi-tech electric and radio devices.

The Republic of Tatarstan produces approximately 32 mln tons of crude oil per year. At the end of 2009, “KAMAZ” trucks, with gross vehicle weight over 14 tons, occupied 56.5% of the Russian truck market. Every second truck produced in Russia and the CIS is KAMAZ. Tatarstan makes 24% of Russian tractors. The republican petrochemical companies make a third of Russian polyethylene, synthetic rubber and automobile tires.

In 2009, gross regional product (GRP) amounted to 878 bln rubles. The industrial output for January-December of 2009 has reached 859 bln rubles. The biggest share in total volume have mining operations -33,1%, production of transport vehicles and outfitting – 12,3%, chemical production – 11,9%, petrochemical production – 9,4%, production and distribution energy, gas and water – about 9%.

In 2009, the volume of agricultural products in current prices has exceeded 119 billion rubles. 412,8 thousand tons of livestock and poultry, 1910.9 thousand tons of milk, 4.4 million tons of grain, more than 1,5 million tons of sugar beets, 1.9 million tons of potatoes, 304,9 thousand tons of vegetables have been produced. The Republic of Tatarstan, using 2.3 per cent of agricultural land in Russia, producies 4.8 percent of its agricultural products. At the beginning of 2010 the cost of the minimum food multipack in the country is 1736 rubles whereas the average for Russia is 2131 rubles.

The trade and economic relations of Tatarstan with the countries of near and far abroad are of great importance for the economy of the Republic –at the present moment more than 120 foreign countries carry out active trading activities with the Republic of Tatarstan. The foreign trade turnover of Tatarstan on the basis of 2009 amounted to 13,5 billion dollars (including 11.7 billion dollars - exports, 1.8 billion dollars - imports).

Tatarstan Economy