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The Republic of Tatarstan activity in the field of living abroad countrymen support

The Republic of Tatarstan enjoys experience in Russian countrymen interests guaranteeing and cooperation with their organizations abroad. The RT President's Department of Foreign Affairs, RT Representative offices, RT Ministry of trade and foreign economic cooperation, RT Ministry of Culture, RT Ministry of education and science, Board of migration affairs of RT Ministry of Internal affairs, World Tatar Congress’s Executive Committee are responsible for cooperation affairs.

Tatarstan follows Russian politics of countrymen support as RF is interested in foreign compatriots to be competent, law-abiding citizens that keep ethnic originality and promote the cooperation with Russia on transnational level.
Tatarstan takes part in measures of countrymen support that Russia arranges, having close and positive contacts with federal agencies of governmental authorities.

According to the principle of cultural variety and actions of folk culture and languages preserving, Tatarstan supports foreign the Tatar Diaspora, which accounts over one mln people. 900 thousand of them live on post-Soviet territory.

As the centre of the Tatars development, RT takes care for preservation of people's cultural originality in the field of countrymen support, for creation of educational system and united information area. Tatarstan works in the framework of federal legislation and according to article 14 of the Constitution.

RT State program for the Republic of Tatarstan official languages and other languages preservation, research and development for 2004-2013 that includes actions for countrymen support in states of former Soviet Union is being implemented since 2004.