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Foreign Relations

The Republic of Tatarstan has long-standing relations with foreign countries. Connecting Eurasia’s north and south, the territory of present Tatarstan has been transcended by two major trading arteries: one of these arteries is the Silk Road and other the Fur road. The Bulgarians of Volga, the ancestors of Tatars, directly traded with inhabitants of the Kama river region, North European, Scandinavian and Baltic tribes, Russia, Byzantine, Crimea, Caucasus, Khazaria, Khorezmia, Iran and China tribes.

Nowadays Tatarstan collaborates with many regions of the world and actively participates in international trade with over 100 countries. In the field of international relations and foreign economic collaboration, Tatarstan emphasizes the necessity of obtaining rational balance between its partners. Along with active development of contacts with Germany, France, USA and the Great Britain, Tatarstan maintains contacts with Turkey, Egypt, China, India and other countries.

Our region, located at the intersection of trade routes, has historically played the role of a political and economic center. Being the meeting point of civilizations, a symbolic ‘crossroads’ of Eastern and Western, Asian and European religious and cultural traditions, Tatarstan has accumulated the richest experience of interethnic and interdenominational consensus. Based on this experience, the Republic is now developing its own contacts with world, building trading, scientific and cultural relations with proximate and distant partners.