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"The Republic of Tatarstan: The Latest History"

There wasn't such a thing earlier: a prayer before the beginning of the meeting (1988-1989)Tatar Public Center (TPC) of Naberezhnye Chelny (1988-1989)Such things also happened... (1990)
Visit of Boris Yeltsin in Tatarstan (1990)Everything wasn't so simple as it seemed to be:(1990)You are a nice person, Yeltsin, but... (1990)
The troubles continue... (1990).The meeting - concert on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Tatarstan State Sovereignity DeclarationThe youth is for democracy!
Recovery of Moslem sancrities and......spiritual regeneration of people"Boris Nikolayevich! People trust you! " (1991)
The party of national independence "Ittifak" (1991)The May demonstration: R.Mukhametdinov, F.Bairamova, M.Mulukov (1991)The participants of the meeting blocked the traffic near Svobody Square (May 27, 1991)