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Republic's Festivals and Contest-Shows

Contest-shows are intended for amateur performers. These events aimed at encouraging the development of amateur and folk arts, raising the artistic standards of the repertory, preserving the popular traditions.

Contact address: Kazan 420503, Bauman St., 60, Republican Scientific and Methodological Centre of Folk Arts and Cultural/Educational Work under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Phone: +7 (8432) 325 639.

1. Republic Folk Art Feast "Uinagyz, garmunnar" ("Play, Concertina") is held annually since 1986, Kazan.

2. Republic Contest-Show of Concertina Players named after F. Tuishev (is held biennially since 1988), Kazan, towns and districts of Tatarstan.

3. Republic Contest-Show of Amateur Cinema and Video Films "Kunel chismelere" ("The Springs of Soul"), Kazan. Five contests have been held annually from 1993 to 1997.

4. Republic Contest-Show of Choreographic Groups (is traditionally held since 1988 on a biennial basis in towns and districts of Tatarstan), Kazan.

5. Republic Contest-Show of Children's Choreographic Groups "The Starlets of Tatarstan" (was resumed in 1997 and is planned to be held biennially).

6. Republic Contest-Show of Community Theatres and Amateur Theatricals (is held biennially on a regular basis since 1987), Kazan (in Tatarstan towns and districts).

7. Republic Contest-Show of Skiffle-Groups (is held biennially), Kazan.

8. Republic Contest-Show of Choirs and Vocal Ensembles (is held biennially), Kazan, towns and districts of Tatarstan.

9. Republic Festival of Amateur Composer Works (is held triennially since 1993)

10. Republic Contest of Russian Folk Song Performers (is traditionally held since 1994 on a biennial basis), Kazan.

11. Republic Festival of Russian Folklore "Caravan", Nikolskoye Village of Laishevsky District (is held annually since 1992).

12. Republic Contest of Chuvash Song Performers "Chuvashsky Solovei" ("Chuvash Nightingale") (is held biennially since 1992).

13. Republic Contest of Finno-Ugric Folk Song Performers (is held biennially since 1993).

14. Republic Exhibition of Amateur Artists and Masters of Applied Arts and Crafts (annually).