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Historical Towns and Settlements

Kazan. XVI century 
The presence of well-known historical and cultural objects - the Kremlin historical and architectural complex, town ensembles of Kazan, Yelabuga, Chistopol, Mendeleyevsk, Sviyazhsk, the Bolgar historical and architectural complex, Raifa monastery, along with convenient transport and geographical location, makes this territory attractive for travel industry.
Historical settlements of the Republic of Tatarstan
#SettlementFoundation date
1.Kazan, cityFounded in the pre-Mongol epoch. In the XIII-XIV centuries - a center of the rincipality, since 1438 - a capital of the Kazan Khanate. In 1552, Kazan was conquered by Ivan the Terrible and was annexed to the Russian state. In 1708-1920 - a center of the Kazan Guberniya (Province). Since May 27, 1920 - the capital of the TASSR, since August 30, 1990 - TSSR, since February 7, 1992 - the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan
2.Bilyar, town
(Bilyarsk, village)
Founded in the X century. Destroyed by the Mongols in 1236. In 1654-1665, the fortifications of the former Bulgarian town were included in the fortification system of Zakamye and Bilyarsk settlement was founded here.
3.Bolgar, town
(Bolgary, settlement)
Founded in the X century and survived to the XV century. Revived after desolation in the XVII century as Chertykovskaya Mill village. In the XVIII century - Monastyrskaya Sloboda, then Uspenskoye settlement, since the end of the XIX century - Bolgary settlement.
4.Bugulma, townKnown as the Tatar village since 1736. Since 1781 - a district center.
5.Buinsk, townFirst settlements in the place of modern Buinsk appeared in the middle -XVII century. Since 1780 - a district center.
6.Yelabuga, city
Arose between the X-XI centuries. Since the second half of the XVI century it was known as Trekhsvyatskoye court village, since 1780 - a district center. The Yelabuzhskoye (Chertovo) Gorodishche of the XI-XII centuries is located in the southeast outskirts of the town.
7.Laishevo, settlementKnown in the period of the Kazan Khanate as Laesh, since 1557 - as Russian fortress town Laishevo. Since 1781 - a district center of the Kazan Province.
8.Mamadysh, townFounded in the end of XIV- beginning of the XVth century, since the beginning of the XVII century - Troitskoye settlement. Since 1781 - a district center.
9.Mendeleyevsk, townFounded in the XVIIIth century as Bondyuga settlement. In 1928-1967 - Bondyuzhsky settlement (chemical factory).
10.Menzelinsk, townFounded in 1584-1586. Since 1781 - district center.
11.Sviyazhsk, settlementFounded in 1551 as a fortress town and a supporting base of the Russian army, struggling with the Kazan Khanate. From the middle of the XVIII century - a district center.
12.Tetyushi, townFounded in 1574-1578 (according to other sources, in 1555-1557) as Tetyushskaya zastava (guardpost). Since 1781 - a district center.
13.Chistopol, townFounded in the beginning of the XVIII century as Chistoye Pole village (Arkhangelskaya sloboda), received the status of a district center of the Kazan Province and modern name in 1781. The Dzhuketau complex of the X-XV centuries is located to the west of the city.