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The year of 2006 in Republic Tatarstan was declared a year of literature and culture

Taking into consideration that literature and arts vividly opened the richest cultural potential of peoples of the Republic of Tatarstan, built up a unique creative heritage raised on junction of different cultures and civilisations fostering solidarity of multinational people of Tatarstan, considering anniversaries of Gabdulla Tukai, Musa Dzhalil, Natan Rakhlin, Alexander Klyucharyov and other outstanding figures of literature and arts to be celebrated in 2006, and the centenary of G.Kamal’s Tatar State Academic Theatre I decree: To declare the year of 2006 - a year of literature and arts in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Decree of President of the Republic of Tatarstan as of December 30, 2005.

Jubilee actions in 2006

100 years from M. Dzhalil birthday;

120 years from G.Tukai birthday;

100 years of Tatar theatrical art;

120 years from G.Kariev birthday;

70 years of RT union of artists;

70 years of S.Amutbaev Menzelinsk state drama theatre;

250 years from V.A.Mozart birthday;

100 years from S.Sadykova birthday;

100 years from A.Klyucharyov birthday;

125 years from N.Feshin birthday;

100 years from N.Rakhlin birthday;

75 years from S.Gubaidullina birthday;

120 years from F.Amirkhan birthday;

110 years of Kazan photographers society;

1000th issue of magazine “Kazan utlary”