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Retail trade and services

The retail trade is being one of the most dynamically developing branch of economy of the Republic of Tatarstan. Index of retail trade turnover allows Tatarstan to take place in tens among regions of the Russian Federation. In 2008 the retail trade turnover increased by 20% and made 369.3 bln rub.

In 2008, the realization of nonfood goods in the structure of the retail trade turnover was showing dynamic growth distinguishing from foodstuff turnover. As the result, 45.6% of the whole turnover volume were taking food goods, and 54.4% - nonfood goods (in 2004 – 48%).

Within the past few years the trade infrastructure has dynamically been developing in the Republic of Tatarstan that has positive influence on the dynamic of the retail trade turnover. Within the past few years the republic has adopted such big foreign companies as a shop moll IKEA (Switzerland) and the wholesale depot METRO (cash and carry - Germany). Such famous Russian trade enterprises as M.Video, Mir, Pyatyorochka, Perekryostok, and other are also being existed in towns and villages of the republic. The republican retail trade system is also being under development.

The evaluation of infrastructure development, conducted in consumer market shows that adoption of foreign and big Russian trade enterprises entails significance changes in the sphere of trade accomplishment. The competition in trade business has allowed improving level of citizen service, providing consumers by rights to choose both goods and services in trade enterprises of different format.

At the present time citizens and guests of the republic have opportunity of choosing cafeterias, bars, restaurants specialized in Tatar, Russian, European, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French, Georgian, Turkish and cookery of different nations of the world. The shops producing diversity of semi-products and salads using progressive technologies and modern trade-technological equipment are also being on stream at the present time. Delicatessen counters at public caterings and big shopping malls offer wide assortment of semi-products, culinary food, bakery confectionery products and salads.

The volume of public catering turnover of the Republic of Tatarstan in 2008 increased by 9.5% and made 20.5 bln rub.

The volume of paid services to citizens in January-December 2008 made 121.1 bln rub, that increased the index of the same period of time in 2007 by 12%. Specific weight of expenses for service payment in consumer spending of citizens in December 2008 made 16.8%. The total volume of paid services to citizens shares 18.6% - to transport services, 16.8% - to public facilities, 15.4% - to everyday service, 14.7% - mobile communication, 10.8% - educational system services, 6.5% - house hold services.