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Major Sectors of Economy

The economy of the Republic of Tatarstan is based on industry and agriculture. Traditionally, the industrial sectors make up the bulk of the gross regional product (about 40%).

In 2009, the Republic produced 32,4 mln tones of oil; the volume of industrial production adding up to 860 mln rub.

The balanced finance result of the industrial companies operating in RT amounted to 90 bln rub., 12% higher than that of the previous year. The maximum positive result is demonstrated by the companies specializing in mining operation with the total revenue running up to 83 bln. rub.

As summed up at the end of 2009, the leading position in the structure of industrial production was retained by processing manufacture (57,9%), followed by the mining operation industry (33,1%) and energy, water and gas production and distribution. The biggest contribution in the volume of factory shipments of the processing industries is traditionally the one made by the production of vehicles and equipment (21,2%), chemical production (20,6%), petrochemical production (16,2%), and food production (12,3%).

As estimated at the end of 2009, the volume of investing in the capital stock of the industry in the Republic of Tatarstan amounted to 145 bln. rub., which is 11% more than in the previous year: “Tatneft”; the group of companies “TAIF” and “KAMAZ” being the leading investors.

Tatarstan’s agricultural industry is primarily based on growing grain-crops, sugar beet and potato, production of meat, milk and eggs therefore the volume of agricultural production of Tatarstan is 5% of that of Russia. As of the end of 2009 the livestock sector was estimated to be prevalent (51%) over the crop sector (49%).

Volumes of agricultural products of all the three major agricultural manufacturers of RT (agricultural organizations, population, private farming) in 2009 added up to about 119,1 bln rub, or 100.1% as compared to the level of 2008 (that’s including the inflation rate). In 2009, the volume of agricultural production made by the population made 42,1%, private farming - 4,8%, agricultural companies - 53,1%.

As estimated by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan, The gross regional product per employee amounted to 480,3 thousand rub, 232,9 thousand rub. per citizen. The bulk of the value added is due to companies specializing in mining operations 39,7%, processing industry companies - 21,4%, transport and communication enterprises - 9,3%, real estate rent service companies - 8,6%.

In the Republic of Tatarstan, the average salary per citizen in 2009 added up to the approximate number of 15.5 thousand rubles. The average monthly salary in the industrial sector per citizen made 16000 rubles.

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