General characteristics of the Republic of Tatarstan transport network

The Republic of Tatarstan has a unique geographic location in the European part of Russia, crossed by key railroads and waterways, autoroutes and air-transport corridors, used for transporting passengers and cargo in all directions. The uniqueness can be characterized by the following four points:

  • the shortest trans-continental "East-West" arterial railroad, as well as а railroad connecting large industrial cities in the Volga region in the "North-West to South" direction pass through Tatarstan;
  • the confluence of the Volga River and Kama River - the main transport waterways of the European Russia, as well as those of the Belaya River and the Vyatka River, joining Tatarstan not only with North-Western and Southern, but also North-Eastern and Near Ural industrial regions;
  • The federal automobile routes cross the Republic of Tatarstan in three directions: "East to West", "South-East to West" and "North-West to South";
  • Air-space above Tatarstan is actively used in all directions.
All these arterial transport lines come together at Kazan transport junction. Kazan railroad junction is linked with the cargo river port, which allows for complex transportation arrangements.

The transportation complex of the Republic of Tatarstan comprises of 6 types of transportation means (automobiles, city electric transport, river water transport, air transport, pipeline transportation network, railroad network) and respective route networks.

The total contribution of the transport industry in GRP of Tatarstan in the last three years is equal to 5-6%.

The transport enterprises of the Republic served more than 184 million passengers in 2009; the total revenue amounting to 3 billion rubles.

In 2009, 242 busses on lease terms to the amount of more than 200 million rubles were purchased, the total amount of the of the underground construction added up to 3,5 billion rubles.

In the sector of railway and air transport, there has been documented a decrease in passenger traffic volume with the airports serving over than 850 thousand people in 2009.

According to the concept of "Development of inland waterway transport of Tatarstan until 2015" in Bulgar the building of a harbor wall is in the works. The decision on the relocation of the cargo river port outside of Kazan has been accepted. All available capacities will be transferred to the territory of the projected Sviyazhskiy logistics center with investment of the basic functions of the river port of the republic.

Photogallery "Transport"

Arrival of the ship to Kazan River port, May 2004
Arrival of the ship to Kazan River port, May 2004