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The development of agribusiness remains one of the priorities in Tatarstan’s economic policy. The branch is significantly supported by the state.

Tatarstan’s agriculture is multifaceted. It provides for the basic needs of the inhabitants of the republic. Per capita food consumption indices are much higher in Tatarstan than the Russian average. According to the official rating concerning the development of agribusiness, Tatarstan is first among the subjects of the Russian Federation.

In 2008, the volume of agricultural output made more then 124 bln rubles (compared to 2007 the difference made 9.3%). There also was an increase by 11.5% in crop output and that of cattle breeding by 6.5%.

In 2008, Tatarstan gathered the record-braking crop harvest – 6.3 mln tones. The republic’s share in all-Russia gathered harvest (100 mln tones) made 6%. In addition, 2% of all-Russia agricultural land is in Tatarstan. In the Volga Federal District, Tatarstan produces every forth tone of crop. In the republic, more then 1.6 tones of crop are accrued per one citizen. This index is 1.5 times higher than the world standard, and 3 times higher than the Russian average.

Tatarstan also gathered more then 1.8 mln tones of sugar-beet, over 1.6% tones of potato - about 300.000 tones of vegetables.

Efficient and effective cattle breeding is based on and stable farming. As the result of the targeted state support of agribusiness, Tatarstan produced 260.000 heads of the dairy herd, making the highest result in the Volga Federal District with the total amount of was 419.000 heads. It daily produces more then 8% of all milk in Russia. According to the last-three-year results the republic provided more then 20% of all milk increment over the country. For the first time ever the republic has reached a figure of 100-thousand of poultry, production of which within the last year increased by 46%.

Tatarstan arranged the large-scale attraction into the agro-industrial complex of both proper strategic investors and private companies which control half of the republic’s agricultural land and livestock number. Within the last few years they built and reconstructed more then 300 cattle-breeding farms, grain elevator, complete feed and sugar plants; bought modern equipment which runs the budget of almost 80 bln rubles. They set modern milking equipment, bought 45,500 pedigree cattle, 20,000 heads of pigs. The share of pedigree cattle in the RT herd structure grew by 19% (RF – 8%).

The implementation of the agro-industrial project encouraged development of family commercial farms with the governmental support. Since then, villagers received as many as 35 thousand loans amounting to 6.5 bln rubles.

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