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Manufacturing industry

The volumes of the industrial output allow our republic to take the first place among the regions of the Volga Federal District of the Russian Federation in general.

In 2008 enterprises dispatched production of customer goods in sum of 908.2 bln rub.

Tatarstan’s fraction in All-Russia production volume makes: oil – 6.6%, synthetic rubber - 38.1%, polyethylene - 43.3%, tires - 31.1%, trucks – 24.1%, automobiles – 2.5%, synthetic washing means - 11.1%.

In 2008 oil companies of the Republic of Tatarstan extracted 32.2% mln tones of oil, 25.7% of it – OAO “Tatneft”, comparing to the 2007 volumes of the oil extraction increased by 1%.

Also we may observe essential investment-technological and institutional changes occurring in the petroleum refining industry of the Republic of Tatarstan within the last few years.

In Nizhnekamsk there is a large-scale project underway named “Construction of oil-processing and petrochemical plants complex in Nizhnekamsk” directed on processing carbon oil.

Tatarstan locates on its territory the biggest fabricator of petrochemistry in the Russian Federation, the only or dominant producer of inline alpha olefin, oxy propylene, polyether, ethylene glycol, sterol, poly sterol, game synthetic rubber over CIS - JSC “Nizhnekamskkhim”. On February 2009 the plant gave the first lot of polyethylene.

Key branches of the mechanical engineering of Tatarstan are auto- and air construction. In the republic is also represented manufacturing of compressor, vacuum and refrigerating equipment. Equipment for diesel petrochemical industry, shipbuilding and ship repairing, communal, sanitary-technical, transport equipment, manufacturing of the forestry equipment, auto- and combine repairing. The motive power of the economic increasing of the RT is developing of automobile industry on the “KamAZ” and “Sollers” base.

“KamAZ” Holding is the biggest auto corporation of the Russian Federation. JSC “KamAz” is on the 11th place among the main world producers of heavy trucks and on the 8th place in the world in output volumes of diesel engine.

Enterprises that are joined to the “Sollers” company produce FIAT Ducato automobiles, ISUZU trucks, SsangYong outlanders.

Aircraft enterprises located in the republic at the last several years according with financial assistance of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan have conducted prominent arrangements in the establishing and mastering new techniques. Building of the passenger airplanes Tu-214 also keeps going on and the leasing of them is being realized already. Preparing of manufacturing other airplanes of model “Tu” (KAPO named after S.P. Gorbunov) is also being realized. Kazan Helicopter Plant – one of the biggest producers of the medium helicopters in Russia – produces helicopters Mi-8/Mi-17 and experimental helicopters Mi-38. In 2004 the factory organized serial production of light helicopters “Ansat”. Another model – light multifunctional helicopter “Aktay”- is going through the final testing stages before introduction into serial production.
The results of developing enterprises of defensive-industrial complex of 2008 characterizes positive dynamic of basic macro economic indices. Volumes of goods, services and product output made 31.8 bln rubles, according to the index of industrial output which makes 114.5%.

The quota of small and medium business in Tatarstan’s GRP increased by 2.8% in 2008 and now makes 25.5% that is about 200 bln rub. It is thought the quota of small business of GRP in 2009 will reach 27.9%.

A network of techno parks has bee developing in Tatarstan. The techno park “Idea”, which is the leader in the Russian Federation, is functioning well. Industrial site KIP “Master” has been neglected. It is set to be open the park of high technologies and techno polis “Khimgrad”.