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Basic Facts

The official name of the state is the Republic of Tatarstan. The names "Republic of Tatarstan" and "Tatarstan" are equivalent.

"The Republic of Tatarstan is a democratic constitutional state associated with the Russian Federation by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Constitution of the Republic of Tatarstan and Treaty Between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan "On Delimitation of Jurisdictional Subjects and Mutual Delegation of Authority between the State Bodies of the Russian Federation and the State Bodies of the Republic of Tatarstan", a subject of the Russian Federation. The sovereignty of the Republic of Tatarstan consists in full possession of the state power beyond the competence of the Russian Federation and powers of the Russian Federation in the sphere of shared competence of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan."

"The Republic of Tatarstan within the sphere of its competence shall enter into international and external economic relations with subjects and administrative-territorial units of foreign states, foreign states, conclude international treaties, exchange representatives, participate in international organizations."

A President shall be the head of the State in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Tatarstan is situated in the center of the Russian Federation on the East-European Plain at the confluence of the two greatest rivers - the Volga and the Kama. The overall territory of the Republic is 67,836.2 sq. km. The capital of the republic is Kazan.

The Republic of Tatarstan on a World Map
Representatives of over 70 nationalities live in Tatarstan, Tatars and Russians being the most numerous. The official languages are Tatar and Russian. The total population is 3,773,800.

Tatarstan is one of the most economically developed subjects of the Russian Federation. Main resources include crude oil, land, and water resources.

The republic possesses high scientific and intellectual potential. Key industries are oil production and petrochemistry, aircraft industry, mechanical engineering and instrument-making.